Web Applications

Over the last about a dozen years, the Internet has been evolving, entering more and more areas of our everyday life. What started as simple access to information has now become an irreplaceable communication tool and the major engine of many businesses.

Today, more and more systems use Internet technologies which make it possible to easily access data from nearly any place in the world.

Sanmargar specialists will help you design and implement:

  • Effective websites and web pages – focused on the achievement of the targets set;
  • Shops and B2C e-commerce platforms – with adequate weight attached to usability and user experiences;
  • B2B e-commerce platforms – optimizing and automating processes in real time;
  • Dedicated Internet applications – highly accessible and efficient systems.

Mobile Applications

Similarly to the Internet in the past, more and more areas are now being taken over by mobile applications, which provide far greater user interaction capabilities.

We can help you build:

  • Dedicated mobile applications for the end user;
  • Applications to support business processes at your company;
  • Innovative start-up projects, from an MVP to product development.


Krzysztof Jarosiński

Product Manager