We constantly look for new applications of innovative analysis methods and data processing methodologies and implement them in business practice.

The Data Mining solution offered by Sanmargar complements its portfolio of services related to data management processes and application of various methodologies of complex data analyses. Data standardization through validation, deduplication and cleansing transforms an unstructured data set into a better and more transparent one and makes it easier to get an understanding of customer needs.

Data Mining is nothing else than data management in order to identify regularities and relationships between variables through advanced analysis. Data Mining is a stage in the KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) process.

Data knowledge and structuring techniques applied by us include:

  • Diagram visualizations;
  • Statistical methods;
  • Neural networks;
  • Machine learning methods;
  • Evolutionary methods;
  • Fuzzy logic;
  • Rough sets.

Sanmargar processes data using its own methodology based, inter alia, on:

  • Proprietary, proven data analysis methodology;
  • Use of proprietary data processing algorithms;
  • Data clustering and classification;
  • Qualitative data analysis;
  • Quantitative data analysis;
  • Identification of interrelationship networks;
  • Data segmentation and identification of new, hidden categories;
  • Creation of prompts for the mailing system;
  • Combination and integration of various databases.

Possible deliverables:

  • Comprehensive customer profile analyses;
  • Creation of hot leads;
  • Analytical support for improved knowledge of customer preferences;
  • Support for customer classification processes;

Improvement to forecasting models.