Combine customer data from all valuable sources. Make information on suppliers, sales, products, services, offers available in your organization in a way which has never been so simple and effective.

The analytical capabilities and data transformation of Pentaho EE and the efficient MongoDB document database combined to create an excellent solution for comprehensive customer data analysis.

Pentaho DI ensures the following:

  • Extraction of data from any source;
  • Validation;
  • Cleansing and addition;
  • Mapping, transformation.

Pentaho BI ensures the following:

  • Intuitive dashboards;
  • Advanced data visualization methods;
  • Report distribution;
  • Easy integration with other applications, analysis embedding capabilities.

Storage of customer data in an advanced document database, i.e. MongoDB, marks the end of worries about data model change, expansion:

  • Native validation of documents;
  • New, optimum recording methods;
  • Full text search;
  • Information insertion/update optimization;
  • In-memory databases/solutions for areas where high performance is required.

Pentaho and MongoDB programmers are still working intensively on developing the capability to combine both solutions, providing new, ever more advanced capabilities with each new version.