We offer you comprehensive implementation of a messaging system through the implementation of an Enterprise Service Bus. We recommend the use of MuleESB as an ESB with a typical efficiency and safety profile.

This solution has the following features:

   open-source development;

   graphical interface for process design and documentation purposes;

   wide range of transformation components;

   Mule end-user interfaces may be web services, JMS, e-mail (POP3, SMTP, IMAP), TCP/UDP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, XMPP sockets;

   high scalability;

   100% Java, which enables its installation on any operating system.

A great advantage of this solution is the availability of an open-source version with a very strong community support, which makes it possible to launch the implementation process starting with a small investment.

Where an Enterprise Service Bus becomes a critical element of operation of systems within an organization, we recommend that the stable Mule Enterprise version should be used.