Customer data management is crucial to the effectiveness of sales and marketing processes. For various reasons, customer data is often stored in a distributed environment and in many different databases, which makes it difficult to obtain correct and complete information about customer. Sanmargar, drawing upon its many years of experience in data integration, provides solutions which make it possible to build a central place for storage and exchange information about customers.

The Central Customer File System is a specific instance of Master Data Management, which makes possible to gather any and all information relevant to making business decisions concerning customers or suppliers in one place and also has ability to cleanse, standardize and identify duplicates in such data. Thanks to that, it becomes possible to make correct marketing and sales decisions, improve the effectiveness of debt collection processes, and cut customer communication costs.

Our implementations are each time tailored to the requirements of a specific data architecture. Thanks to the flexible combination of the user’s interface and the proprietary components of cleansing, standardization and data deduplication software, as well as ETL tools and ESB, we can ensure effective integration and exchange of information even in a very complex data environment and where there are many different source systems.

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