Application development

We develop modern and ergonomic custom software. Our solution may support a wide range of business processes: HR, CRM, Customer File, e-commerce, analytical and reporting systems.


Our focus is the development of advanced business user interfaces. Thanks to the use of HTML5, SmartGWT, we are able to develop applications which combine sophistication, administrative ease, corporate standards, as ensured by a web architecture where work ergonomics using a browser approximates that of a desktop application.

We use:

  • User interface: HTML5, GWT, SmartGWT;
  • Databases: ORACLE, PostgreSQL, Microsoft, etc.;
  • Application servers: Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish, etc.


We use a SCRUM approach to projects and we readily involve the customer in the process. Thanks to this approach, users may track project status in real time and add value to the project. This approach makes it possible to avoid consequences of errors made during the needs analysis or where such needs become no longer valid.