A Reporting System, particularly necessary at institutions/businesses which are advanced in terms of controlling, plays an important role in streamlining operating activities, increasing competitiveness, business optimization.

A modern reporting platform should have the following features:

  • Tailored to each recipient type (flat list reports, indicators reports, multidimensional reports);
  • Enabling users to build reports without a technological knowledge of the data structure and storage location (the semantic layer);
  • Open to multiple database structure standards, process automation tools;
  • Efficient at high information volumes;
  • Intuitive to business recipients and IT professionals;
  • Safe and enabling data control access;
  • Integrated with external quality control, processing automation solutions.

Key application areas:

  • Sales monitoring;
  • Profitability, margin accounting;
  • Inventory level management, procurement optimization;
  • Financial and statutory reporting;
  • Fraud detection;
  • Monitoring of production processes, operations;
  • Reporting of internal controlling processes (allocation, segmentation, cost monitoring);
  • Staff management support (training costs, payroll planning, statistics, staff turnover).


We conduct projects using our partners’ solutions: Pentaho Business Analytics or SAP BusinessObjects.

Krzysztof Korytko

Product Manager