Sanmargar CKK [Customer Master Data Management] is a solution developed by the Sanmargar Team in order to support management of the basic data concerning customers and suppliers. Sanmargar CKK integrates data of the customers coming from various sales/transaction systems, at the same time constituting a source of data for analytical and control purposes, and also for other sector systems.

The solution is dedicated to organisations with various sales channels, different business lines, scattered information concerning the business partners, and therefore, companies having many different transaction systems and databases concerning the customers (for example sales, complaint, reservation systems etc.). It is very useful for capital groups where the companies have their own systems with separate databases of the business partners.

Implementation of the Customer master Data Management System enables creation of a joint, consolidated base of standardised customer data, which in turn allows conducting coherent marketing communication, sales actions, management of customer relations and inter-system communication.

Because of cleaning, standardisation and de-duplication of the data, the solution enables identification of customer duplicates in single, source customer databases and at the level of the central register of business partners.


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Grzegorz Orłowski

Product manager