Building and implementation of Central Index of Contractors – integration of sale systems data, customer service and CRM.


We have a wealth of information about our clients but… we don’t know much about them. Sometimes it is hard for me to tell which data are about which customer.” This in not a rare case in those organizations that have their customers’ data spread over many transaction systems. Implementation of Central Index of Contractors could be a cure for this.


Business trip reservations data in one system. Tickets sold in another. One more for storing details of sales on board of a plane while airborn. Details of complaints are in yet another system, while call center data in a different one. It isn’t always easy to tell how often certain passenger does shopping on board of a plane comparing with their trips or how they most often get in touch with carrier or make reservation, as scattered data rarely allow for a swift identification of whether that’s the same customer or an different one. Under these circumstances, how to have a efficient marketing communication or from a broad view, how to manage customer relations? This isn’t a problem only for public transport sector corporations, like for our client, biggest airline in the country. This is as much an issue for all corporations that have a wide range of services and use numerous separate transaction systems.
Implementation of Sanmargar CKK created a central place for managing client data. Not only did it allow for incomplete, ambiguous and incorrect source data troubleshooting but also for achieving resultful marketing communication and undertaking effective sales actions.

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